Cross-browser testing with BrowserStack: a review

browserstack-logoThese are BrowserStack’s main services or tools:

  • Automate: Where you run your automated Selenium tests and check the results.
  • Screenshots: Paste an URL, select the browsers and version you want, and in a few minutes you get a batch of screenshots.
  • Live: by connecting to their data center you are able to do exploratory testing of your web app on the environment you need without having to worry about virtual machines.

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How to fix texture problems (pink squares) on Garry’s Mod

gmod textures error

If you try to play Garry’s Mod right after you download and install it you’ll have a bad time. If you join a multiplayer map you will most probably see the whole map covered on bright fuchsia/pink and black squares and ERROR messages.

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Download Garry’s Mod and configure it (complete guide)


Garry’s Mod (commonly abbreviated as gmod), is a sandbox physics game created by Garry Newman. It was originally a mod for Valve’s Half-Life 2, but was later made into a standalone release in 2006. Currently it’s a fun game to play with friends 🙂

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