A puzzle full of magic

In my childhood, I often saw puzzles in stores – the classics, featuring images of animals or cityscapes, composed of 500 or 1000 pieces. One time I was even offered one, but I never found the interest to unwrap it โ€“ it looked so boring. Little did I know that my opinion of puzzles would completely flip in my adulthood. Let me introduce you to a true gem.


Colonists in dire straits, a RimWorld story

RimWorld is like a virtual story generator where you, as the player, take care of a group of people stranded on a strange planet. You help them build a safe place, grow food, and do other tasks to survive. You donโ€™t really control them, you just give them tasks and priorities and then the colonists naturally decide what to do. Along the way, unexpected things happen, like storms, raids or simply visitors. These events create unique stories. It’s a bit like being the director of your own sci-fi drama, deciding what the characters do to overcome challenges and make a living on this new planet.

The following is a retelling of my playthrough with two friends.


Test categories and approaches (Types #2)

lego pieces
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๐Ÿ† This post was featured in Software Testing Weekly #191

This is a very long post. You don’t have to read it all in one go. Use it as a reference, anytime you want to check the purpose of a particular test type.


Counter offers

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And why I think they’re unfair for everyone


Photography: from Zero to Hobby

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My latest course teaches you the basics of photography in 60 minutes