Lean contract testing with Chakram

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During my career, every time my team has to rely on a 3rd-party API, there comes the day where that API fails. Maybe it is down but usually they released a breaking change that breaks the previous contract. Our team does not notice it, but the client/user does and then we look bad.


Artistic puzzle games

The witness screenshot

Even if you don’t like puzzles, you should give these two games at least a try


Happiness-oriented Testing (HoT)

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There are many metrics. Some are mainstream, some are measurable, some are imposed. Most can be gamed.

But there’s one that neatly aligns with quality — happiness.

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Challenge: Photograph my neighbourhood

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I challenged myself to take my camera with me on my walks around my neighborhood. My walks were becoming rather dull, always going through the same paths. And it’s been 4 years since the last time I photographed.


T-shaped people in relationships

And H stands for Happy!

The best couples complement each other