10 reasons why GRIS is a 10/10 game

gris cover

Journey and Rime fans, this is for you

  1. Tells a powerful story without a single word
  2. Game mechanics are explored, not explained
  3. Puzzles that reward you with “a-ha!” moments
  4. Smooth and detailed animation and sound effects
  5. Ingenious and polished level design
  6. Relaxing and meditative ambient music
  7. Breathtaking visuals, in terms of scale and usage of color
  8. You will sometimes slowdown or stop to appreciate the moment
  9. Your mind will wander, looking for meaning in every detail
  10. It will hit your feelings
    • a tissue box is just as important as a game controller
Journey reference
The 1st chapter looks like a homage to Journey

This is an art game, it’s a whole experience.

The game plays you more than you play it.

I was playing alone, yet multiple times I had to verbalize a “that’s so clever” or a “this is gorgeous”. Often I found myself with a silly tender smile on my face. Or noticed my mouth was open in awe for the last minute.

When I finished I was shaken.

I felt the need for a hug. I felt empty, like left behind by the game.

This is one of the best games I played in my whole life. Your turn.