Doing Making a testing course


Using GitHub & Agile to manage a hobby.

I learned all I know about testing on the job. That’s not enough for me. That’s why I have a strong desire to do a deep dive on testing — take my time and revisit the fundamentals, learn “the proper way” to test, and mentally connect all the concepts I found along the way.

Teaching is one of the best ways to learn.

I could do a testing course… indeed, I could do create one! During these years I gathered dozens of blogs, books, tutorials, talks about testing. So what if…

  • I read all that and wrote summaries?
  • and published those summaries to help others?
  • and anyone could make changes to keep them updated and unbiased?
  • and all this was built and managed through GitHub? #NerdLife

Thus Start Testing was born on Jan 1st.

The topics I need to investigate are GitHub issues. They contain the links I need to read.


I prioritise those topics with a simplified Kanban.


I group topics into milestones, which allow me to track my progress.


When I push changes, my code article is automatically checked for spelling mistakes. #CI If it passes the test, it goes live! #CD The rendered Markdown looks like this 👇

live version

Let’s see where this journey takes me! 😁