Colonists in dire straits, a RimWorld story

RimWorld is like a virtual story generator where you, as the player, take care of a group of people stranded on a strange planet. You help them build a safe place, grow food, and do other tasks to survive. You don’t really control them, you just give them tasks and priorities and then the colonists naturally decide what to do. Along the way, unexpected things happen, like storms, raids or simply visitors. These events create unique stories. It’s a bit like being the director of your own sci-fi drama, deciding what the characters do to overcome challenges and make a living on this new planet.

The following is a retelling of my playthrough with two friends.


Challenge: Photograph my neighbourhood

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I challenged myself to take my camera with me on my walks around my neighborhood. My walks were becoming rather dull, always going through the same paths. And it’s been 4 years since the last time I photographed.


Hungry for innovation: the cake button

cakes batch

(This is a repost, originally from my company’s blog)

Here at Equal Experts we like to have pet projects and help the community. And of course, we are also geeks at heart. So when we at EE Portugal came across the problem I’m about to explain, we had to solve it.


Meet Mr. Lampost


Everyone’s every day is filled with curious events.


Penguins are worsening global warming

Businessman in black suit nervously adjusting collar

Some companies force their employees to wear a suit everyday. That simple rule creates a dangerous spiral of negativity.