Ecosia search engine (review)

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Plant trees while you search the web


Best website to track watched movies & shows

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I already use AniList to track my anime watching and I’m very happy with it. This time I wanted something similar for shows (and movies). These were my requirements:

  • The profile page looks modern and displays entries as grid
  • I can add movies and shows, and filter them separately
  • I can review entire shows, even if unfinished

And thus I started my experiment.


Monitor PageSpeed (v5) with Google Sheets

The goal is to create a Google Sheet that can track the historical PageSpeed Insights (PSI) perfomance data of one or more pages/URLs. You will use JavaScript code to call the PageSpeed Insights API and store the result in your sheet.


Using no-code to create a website from a table

building block
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I have been hearing about “no-code” solutions for a while but never had the chance to use one. The concept is interesting because programming is usually a barrier for the average person. If they are not required to code, many more people would be able to develop digital and automated solutions to their problems.


Let’s say I want to create a website with a curated list of local clubs and other infrastructures that promote a high quality of life.


Two techniques to set life goals or resolutions

In 2018 I started listing my new year resolutions. After school you’re pretty much on your own. If you don’t set yourself some goals the years will go by in a blink and your routine takes control of your life.