Cloudflare + Hosting + Gmail

How to keep using your hosted email on Gmail, after migrating to Cloudflare

My initial setup for this website was: – Domain from Namecheap (no one beats their price/quality)WebHost from a Portuguese company

My webhost offers domain email addresses, so I had a few * addresses configured.

Since I use Gmail daily for my personal email, I configured it to send and receive from * addresses just like any other * You can easily find guides online on how to configure it. It’s totally worth it, I’m very productive this way.

Adding Cloudflare to the mix

Then a friend recommended me Cloudflare: a free service that sits in front of your webhost and protects your website from malicious attacks (like DoS). For free!

The service was easy to setup thanks to their semi-automated guide. After some DNS changes my website was protected.

However, my domain email addresses stopped working. I could not receive emails and Gmail would display some errors in the settings tab.

To keep my Gmail integration working I followed these instructions:

  1. The MX record should be for your domain, not for a subdomain.
  2. An MX record should not point to a CNAME. Point it to a record with an IP.

An example of a working domain:


I hope this helps you as much as it did for me.