New ebook: Purpose

The result of my self-discovery journey.

Not so long ago, I was living every day like a robot, surviving by doing what I was told. It hurt, in many ways. My mind was full of unanswered questions which all boiled down to: Why? For what?

A voice in my mind became louder than the questions. It said:

Stop walking without a map. You can do better, at least try!

Take a break, get your 💩 together, then chin up and start again.

Sincerely, your brain.

So I did.

These subjects of success, purpose, fulfilment are very personal. It’s not something you can search online, you need to search within you. I had no idea how to find answers, thus I improvised #Agile #Desenrascar. It was such a rewarding and insightful experience to me.

This ebook is the result of my self-discovery journey. It contains the 15 exercises that I used to discover not only my personality traits but also what motivates and fulfils me in life. You can use this framework to guide your thinking and find your own answers.

Did I find the answer to life, the universe and everything? Of course not. But now, I can visualise my success. Now, I have something to pursuit. I’m no longer a bystander, I’m playing the game called life.