Life Thoughts

Winning a game called “life”

The rules are simple and you choose how you win.

If you don’t know where you are going any road can take you there. ― Lewis Carroll, from “Alice in Wonderland”

Life shouldn’t be something that happens to you — you should be in control. I’ll use the metaphor of life as a game to help you define success and get back in control.


These are the rules of a game called “life”.

The game will end with a “Game Over”, regardless of your success at it. Since you can’t win or lose, at any given moment, you are either win-ing or lose-ing. If you are successful, you are #winning 😎


But what is being successful? Success is a subjective score, personal to each player. Every player has its own formula. For some people the goal is to have kids, to be famous or the best at something, to leave a legacy/memory after dying, or simply to have a happy peaceful life.

Define what matters to you and what success looks like to you.

Ignore what others say about your score, as you ignore theirs. Take your time but don’t delay it. The exercise below might help you get started:

Assume that when you wake up tomorrow you are successful. What would that day look like? What kind of person would you be? What kind of life would you be living? What would be your accomplishments?

The game will become easier as you make your goal more precise and more practical. Why?

When you know what your success criteria are, you can easily prioritise what to pursue, when to say “No” and when to say “Hell yeah!”. You will put your time and energy where it matters most.

Determination reduces waste. Time and energy are limited resources. Your body and mind also wear out. Use them with purpose.

So… what is success to you?

Note: This ebook contains the 15 exercises that I used to discover not only my definition of success but also my personality traits and what fulfils me in life. You can use it to guide your thinking and find your own answers.