Circle of life

From a young childish adult perspective.

All of my friends are settling down
They’re only kids but they’re married now

— Kygo

Google Music says that I’ve listened to that song 135 times. It’s like lullaby, when I want to calm down, I listen to it on loop. There’s truth in that verse though.

I’m almost 30. In the meantime, one of my best friends changed country and alphabet, met a girl, married her and had his first child — all this in under 365 days. I have a deep #respect for him. He has a lovely family and an epic story to tell.

I have a group of friends that I only get to see at events or birthdays. Since I don’t follow Facebook, I have a big information gap between encounters. When we actually meet our conversations sound like this:

  • Me: Hey! How are you doing?

  • Friend A: I’m fine, I got married last year.

  • Friend B: I’m holding on, I’m on month 4 of my pregnancy.

  • Me: OK. 😶

It’s a strange feeling, when people that you have known since forever as a couple actually get married. And then a year later you see her with a big belly. I know it’s the circle of life, but still…

And then I think:

…at some point they discussed the idea of having kids

And then my mind wanders:

…at some point they f**ed each other… like #NoFilter

I think too much. (And act too little)

The clock is ticking.

Me? I’m just waving with an elderly smile and a childish mind. 👴🏻