Your attention (please!)

Don’t babysit grown-ups.

This might sound like a lapalissade but people crave for your attention.

We live in a world of full of calls to listen/action (ads, social media, etc.) from brands and organizations. But for those, you can click a button or flick a switch and all that noise goes away. Those brands will carry on and their feelings won’t be hurt.

My problem is with the humans, especially relatives.

Because you are family there’s this pressure to be together, to listen. It’s not like they appreciate your attention… they crave it! Otherwise, they’ll be sad, hurt, disappointed, and all that jazz.

Maybe I’m a terrible person but I like to think I’m just…

Emotionally self-sustainable

I pursue that goal. It makes me independent, resilient, even happier. After all, you become your own master. You are in control. You don’t need anyone else to feel good.

You are aware of your mood and you know exactly what to do to improve it. You are your own master.

Socializing with others becomes a “desert” instead of the “main course”, i.e. something delicious when you have it, but superfluous nonetheless. I guess I apply frugality to relationships. It’s a skill that comes easy when you’re an introvert.

If you were a babysitter, which kid would you prefer:

  • the kid you can leave alone and has fun all by himself/herself?
  • the kid who pants and requires that you play with him/her all the time?

Don’t babysit grown-ups.