Which are your means and your endings?

photo: Alexey Sizov
photo: Alexey Sizov

It’s easy to get caught on a routine. Have you considered why you do what you do? Maybe your life is being used as a means for someone else’s end…

  • Is your job a mean to become increasingly wealthy?
    • or, is wealthiness a mean for you to freely choose your job?
  • Is your family’s support a way to achieve better performance at work?
    • or, do you perform at work in order to better support your family?
  • Do you want to work more hours to give that latest gadget to your kid?
    • or, do you prefer to arrive at home earlier and play with your kid?

“You’re just playing with words!” you may say. Well, I’m changing priorities, and that makes all the difference. Honestly fill the gaps X and Y and think over if the result is what you really want:

  • __X__ helps me __Y__.
  • Therefore, __X__ is a means and __Y__ my ending.

Another perspective:

  • Today I __X__ so that tomorrow I __Y__.
  • Therefore, __Y__ is more important than __X__.

What do these results say about you and your life? Do you need to change something?