Multiple Discovery: when others have the same idea you do


It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to.
Jean-Luc Godard

I had two ideas but I took them nowhere. I’m thankful that someone else had those same ideas.


“Detach the monitor of a laptop, make it touch sensitive, and give it the processing power of a netbook. You could carry all your songs, all your books, all your documents, be productive on the go and take handwritten notes. Every student would want one.”
» I had no name for it in 2009.
»» Apple called it iPad in 2010. Microsoft called it Slate PC in 2010.

The image above dates to the end of 2009 and was part of a rumor about an Apple tablet. That quote was my pitch to Microsoft. Yes, when I first heard about Microsoft’s Slate PCs I phone called Microsoft Portugal and asked when such device would come to Portugal. They didn’t even know what I was talking about and gave me the Marketing’s email. I sent an email with the mind map below and an explanation of the idea. I didn’t care about royalties I just wanted that someone created a similar device. I never got a response and when Apple released the iPad I gave up. Today I’m a proud Nexus 7 owner.


“hi5 is for teen gossiping. We need something focused on networking. I should have a profile where I could introduce myself and show off my interests in a clear list (hobbies, artists, movies, books, etc.) I should be able to add friends to my network or make a search based on my interests. That way I can look for like-minded people.”
» I called it ilook4 in 2008.
»» That year, I signed in on something unknown in Portugal called Facebook.

Facebook evolved. Today, the profile’s interests are gone and hi5’s gossiping is everywhere.

ilook4 cover

I’m not angry or sad that my ideas were “stolen” because they weren’t – we just had the same thoughts at the same time, and that’s called Multiple Discovery. I would never accomplish what others did. What matters to me is that being copied is the sincerest form of validation. My self-esteem appreciates to know that those were good ideas.