Too weird to live, Too unique to die

Photo from | Title from a Panic At The Disco’s song

Call me weird but…

  • I don’t like neither Cola, nor Pepsi, nor any other soft drink
  • I don’t enjoy McDonalds or the typical fast-food restaurants
  • I don’t like sparkling drinks or coffee
  • I refuse to drink alcohol
  • I never smoked or tried recreational drugs
  • I find disco houses boring but I do like some EDM djs
  • I prefer talking about deep subjects instead of small talk
  • …but what I really prefer is to listen
  • I eat slower than the average because I like to enjoy the food
  • I use cloth handkerchiefs instead of paper ones (save the trees)
  • I wash my hands every time I use the toilet (you filthy pigs!)
  • I dry them with a single paper tissue
  • I don’t like long sleeves, not even during Winter
  • Soccer doesn’t excite me, unless the national team is playing
  • When I’m having the time of my life I cry instead of spazzing out

Don’t judge.

2 replies on “Too weird to live, Too unique to die”

Where is your point bro? :O Everyone has his quirks, just seems like you have some more than the average person xD

“I wash my hands everytime I use the toilet” What a waste of water! JK, good for you (and those around you). It’s disgusting the number of times I see people leave the bathroom without washing their hands first.

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