Online affordable photo backup: Google Photos vs Amazon Glacier

Photo by Alex Machado on Unsplash

The winner depends on your needs


Digital Photography workflow

Photography has been my hobby for almost a decade now. During that time I adapted my digital photography workflow several times: I switched from photoshop to Lightroom, switched from local drive backups to online cloud backups.

After all these years of trial and error I decided to formalise my workflow and share it with you.

workflow diagram


RIP Flickr. An alternative online portfolio after reviewing 7 services

This was actually my last photo on Flickr 🙂

Flickr broke my heart. It hurt but I’ve moved on.


My experience with Electric Scooters

Benchmark of three models (prices: 200-800€)


Cross-browser testing with BrowserStack: a review

browserstack-logoThese are BrowserStack’s main services or tools:

  • Automate: Where you run your automated Selenium tests and check the results.
  • Screenshots: Paste an URL, select the browsers and version you want, and in a few minutes you get a batch of screenshots.
  • Live: by connecting to their data center you are able to do exploratory testing of your web app on the environment you need without having to worry about virtual machines.