Redbubble πŸ”΄ My favorite place to buy geek stickers

wearing Redbubble

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

For me, interests define persons — books, movies, games, series, anything that makes you part of a tribe. When we are part of a club or team, we like to show our support by wearing a t-shirt, a pin or a sticker. It becomes part of our identity but it’s also a signal to other people. It allows us to quickly connect with other fans, but it also catches the eye of people outside the club, triggering their curiosity.

I found Redbubble five years ago.

During that time I’ve bought several t-shirts, which I proudly wear at home, at conventions and even at work. They serve as an amazing icebreaker. Along those years I’ve covered my laptop lip with stickers, sometimes from Redbubble’s store other times with my own custom designs. That’s right, anyone can upload their designs and create a store (even if you’re the only customer 😝).

laptop with stickers

My collection is mostly related with technology, anime and gaming. I specially like the crossovers, like that drawing from Calvin & Hobbes but with PokΓ©mon, or the Daft Punk logo using the brothers from Fullmetal Alchemist πŸ€“

Each design is often available on multiple products — e.g. if you like a sticker you can also buy the face mask version. They even have designs about Swords and Sworcery and that’s pretty underground! T-shirts are legit American Apparel quality, ’nuff said. For that you pay between 18€ to 21€. If you buy +6 stickers you get an immediate 50% discount on them. They ship everywhere with fair prices, and during checkout it’s easy to find 10% discount coupons. What else do you need?


The next time you want to buy geek t-shirts or stickers, try Redbubble:

  • You’ll be supporting the artists
  • Excellent price/quality relation
  • Wide variety of designs and products
  • Possibility to print your own custom designs
  • Gracious customer support