T-shaped people in relationships

And H stands for Happy!

The best couples complement each other

The first time I heard the concept “T-shaped person” was at work, in the context of teams. These are people who have an average knowledge on many subjects and specialise in one (or a few) of them.

And what is a relationship, if not a team of two?

Some years ago I argued that love seeks a complement, not an opposite. I still believe in that. Opposites generate passion and attraction – they are intense but quickly burn out. Identicals generate love and comfort – but long term you might stagnate or get bored of your “echo chamber”.

In my opinion, T-shaped people make the most successful couples.

Each person has their flaws, which are balanced by their partner’s strengths. The T-shape also means both of them have a common set of values, skills and interests that keeps them grounded.

These people make a strong pair, because their synergies help them overcome tough situations. Long term, they will learn from each other and grow their personalities and interests.