Penguins are worsening global warming

Businessman in black suit nervously adjusting collar

Some companies force their employees to wear a suit everyday. That simple rule creates a dangerous spiral of negativity.

John must wear a suit (jacket, tie, and all that jazz) everyday at work because it “boosts credibility”. Today is a hot day and John’s bus is packed. By the time he reaches the office his forehead is sweaty and his shirt is wet under his armpits. Too bad, time to fasten the tie and wear the jacket – and the smile.

Thankfully the office’s always-on air conditioner refreshes John. He tries to reach a pen at the end of his desk but his shirt inside his pants acts like a straitjacket. John walks to the corner and grabs the pen, his right heel hurting with each step.

The day ends and John takes the bus back home. A 15 minutes walk separates the bus station from his home. John’s tight and polished black shoes are killing his heels and John’s laptop bag his shoulder.

John finally reaches home and changes his suit for his favorite t-shirt and most confortable shorts. He stores the suit inside his new closet. He already had one with just enough clothes, but the recent acquisition of formal shirts and suits required more space. And money. There will be no night out this month.

When entering his bed, John confirms what he already suspected: after three days without snickers he made a blister on his right heel. He’s too tired to worry about that now. Time to rest, tomorrow will be another long day.


Suits are unconfortable and expensive, thus making people unhappier, poorer and smellier. Suits imply air conditioners, thus consuming more natural resources. Nevertheless, you must use it because they make you look successful and intelligent. C’mon, you know there are bad people using suits and ties, and good people using shorts and slippers. Therefore it’s not clothes that matter, it’s the mannequins that wear them! “O hábito não faz o monge”.

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I think you’ve developed some hate for consultancy companies =P
I also worked at one for some time and the suit is not that bad. Sure it’s a bit warmer than your normal t-shirt but you also spend way more time indoors that when you were at college. About the shoes, you definitively bought the wrong size / model if you had blisters!

All in all, I’d also rather not use suits.