Happiness-oriented Testing (HoT)

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There are many metrics. Some are mainstream, some are measurable, some are imposed. Most can be gamed.

But there’s one that neatly aligns with quality — happiness.

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Challenge: Photograph my neighbourhood

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I challenged myself to take my camera with me on my walks around my neighborhood. My walks were becoming rather dull, always going through the same paths. And it’s been 4 years since the last time I photographed.


T-shaped people in relationships

And H stands for Happy!

The best couples complement each other


Playwright cheat sheet

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My first experience with Playwright was terrible. However the testing community seems to be loving it, thus I gave it another shot. I started by doing a free course, but I don’t recommend it, it’s very outdated by now.

I know you loved my Cypress recipes post, so here’s a new one for Playwright with up-to-date code snippets on how to implement common automation scenarios.


Development processes (Toolbox #6)

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tl;dr TDD, ATDD and BDD are different development practices that favour quality.

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