Tips & Tricks for Cypress

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This is a collection of simple and recurring scenarios when writing Cypress tests. For more complex recipes, check the official doc.

  • Setup
    • Abort cypress after first failed test
    • Read a test file from fixtures
  • Assertions
    • Assert the text of a page (string or number)
    • Assert the number of elements selected
    • Assert the result of two Cypress commands
  • Actions
    • Upload a file
  • Selectors
    • Given a list, return row that contains specific text
    • Selector is flaky due to page redesigns
    • Type text into input field and press enter
    • Select element inside iframe
    • Use selector X to narrow down area, and then use selector Y to find element
  • Waits
    • Wait until a network (ie. HTTP/XHR) request resolves
    • Wait until a condition becomes true
  • Mocks
    • Force a specific response to an HTTP request

Framework review: Cypress

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Fast and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser. It uses Javascript to make setting up, writing, running and debugging tests easy — for QAs and developers.

Official website


Creating a test strategy using questions

He doesn’t have a test strategy ☝️

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Framework review: Karate

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Karate is the only open-source tool to combine API test-automation, mocks, performance-testing and even UI automation into a single, unified framework. You don’t have to compile (Java) code. Just write tests in a readable syntax.

Official website


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