Introduction to Testing

What is Testing? What does a Tester do?

Recently I was invited to speak at NOVATalks, a student initiative founded in 2016 at FCT NOVA university. Their aim is to motivate students to expand their knowledge in the areas of Science, Technology and Innovation, complementing disciplines explored in the curricula.

They found me through my mentoring programme at, because one of their team members was my mentoree six years ago, while he was still in high school.

My goal with this talk was to introduce students to Testing, a discipline that is usually frown upon by university students. I explained what is the purpose of Testing and what are the responsibilities of a Tester in a team. After these 20 mins, I had another 20 mins for Q&A which ended up lasting 40 mins!

You can watch it in Portuguese (with Q&A) or in English (without).