Contribute to something bigger than you

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

That’s one thing all of us can be good at!

You might feel good at nothing or even average at everything. You think you are not good enough or not useful. You feel like you don’t matter, just one more human in the world.

We are all different and complementary. Not all of us need to be leaders or experts or hustlers. For every gifted extrovert leading a team, there’s an average introvert beside them, helping them achieve their vision.

You don’t need to be perfect to be useful. You don’t need to be in the spotlight to be successful.

You can always help others do/be what they want to do/be.


By helping others you get this sense of belonging. Your motivation and commitment increase, because others rely on you. You have a mission now.


When people get together it’s because they have a goal. So everyone will keep each other in check to make sure you attain it. Eventually you will see progress and that will fuel you to keep going.


Your team has a goal and together you will reach it. Later you will look back and see how far all of you have come.


Your actions will cause ripples. A good deed often generates another. What you do has an immediate impact on you and those around, which compounds with time. What you do as a team multiplies that impact multiples times.


What you did for others will carry on, either physically or in memory. You, your team and all who benefited from your collective effort will remember what you have accomplished.

Give it a try! Volunteer 😉