Pipeline triggering pipeline on GitLab

Usually when configuring a GitLab pipeline (.gitlab-ci.yml) you only care about steps in your own pipeline. Sometimes however, you may want to trigger other pipelines (of other repositories) as a step of your own pipeline.

Context: You have your app divided into multiple microservices/repos. There’s another repo which contains a suite of End-to-End tests. That repo has a pipeline that, when triggered, runs the whole tests using the latest version of each app.

Problem: At the end of your microservice’s pipeline, you deploy your latest version, and then you want to run the E2E pipeline, to make sure you didn’t break any previously working functionality. But that’s another repo…

So the question is: how can you have a pipeline triggering another pipeline and wait for the result?

Officially, you can’t At the time, we were not able to use the official way. Luckily for us, Sven A. Schmidt created a workaround. The example below was adapted from his solution:

  GITLAB_API_PATH: /api/v4/projects
  GITLAB_HOST: TBD            # domain where your gitlab is hosted
  # Secrets
  PIPELINE_SERVICE_TOKEN: TBD # token of user that can invoke pipelines
  PIPELINE_TRIGGER_TOKEN: TBD # token of the invoked repo, here's how

    GIT_STRATEGY: none
    TRIGGER_TARGET_REPO_ID: TBD # the GitLab ID of the repo you want to call
    - trigger --verbose -h $GITLAB_HOST -u $GITLAB_API_PATH
      -t master $TRIGGER_TARGET_REPO_ID

If you use this code you will create a job named trigger-pipeline in your pipeline A, that when executed will call a pipeline B (TRIGGER_TARGET_REPO_ID), and wait for that pipeline to finish.

  • Don’t forget to replace the TBD (To Be Defined) values with your own configuration.
  • I was a bit lost on how to create the PIPELINE_TRIGGER_TOKEN, then I found this
  • This code assumes you have GitLab self hosted. If not, you can remove the -h $GITLAB_HOST -u $GITLAB_API_PATH part.
  • The end status of pipeline B will be the status of this job. So if pipeline B fails, this job will also fail.