Cypress Sapling (automation template)

Photo by Tzingtao Chow on Unsplash

No need to start with the seed – plant the sapling!

Get it? Because “Cypress” is a tree… 🤓

On my last project we chose Cypress to automate our E2E tests. During a year and a half we constantly tweaked and improved our test repository. We added more functionary on top of Cypress (using plugins) and automated everyday tasks (e.g. dependencies, Docker, static code analysis).

I’ve extracted the best bits of our test repo into this “cypress template repository”, which I decided to call Cypress Sapling.

Thanks to this repository, you no longer have to start from scratch if you want to create your own Cypress testing repository. You will get all this functionality for free:

Even if you already have your own Cypress repository, you can have a look at this template to see what you might be missing and how you could implement it on your repository.

P.S: If you want to learn more about the Cypress “ready-to-run” Docker image, I wrote a dedicated post about it.