Black holes are the universe’s antidepressants

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It turns out that black holes also die; they just take a LONG time. Like a billion times the age of the universe, multiplied by billions times. But while they are dying they do a curious thing.

As you know a black hole devours everything on its way – mass, energy and even other black holes. I always had this question: “Do black holes die and disappear, or, given enough time, all that will remain in the universe will be vacuum and black holes?”

Stephen Hawking discovered that black holes emit… (you guessed it) Hawking Radiation. There are positive participles and negative antiparticles. This phenomenon states that antiparticles are pulled by the black hole’s gravity while the particles are freed and sent to infinity. And after a really LONG time, when all particles are expelled, the antiparticles explode with the black hole.

Basically, black holes absorb all energy, retain all negative energy, and expel positive energy. And then they blow up the gathered negative energy. How cool is that? They act like filters, cleaning bad energies and ensuring that positive energy is what remains and flows throughout the universe.