Birthday bot for Slack


Never forget a birthday, right from your Slack channel.

The purpose of this bot is to post a greeting message on your team’s Slack channel on a colleague’s birthday.

Every time the bot runs it will read some configuration files, check who was born at that date, and send a push notification to a Slack channel.

You just need to create those configuration files, deploy this code to a server (e.g. Heroku), and run that command based on a daily schedule (e.g. Heroku Scheduler).

The steps are pretty straightforward and just six! There’s a detailed tutorial at the official GitHub that walks you through the process.

demo screenshot

I created this bot a side project while I was working at Equal Experts. I googled and there was already one created by Tiago Botelho while he was also an intern (at jeKnowledge).

It is now released under the MIT license, so feel free to improve it.