Framework review: Playwright

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Playwright enables end-to-end testing. Test modern single page apps, across all modern browsers, using in your preferred language (JS, TS, Java, C#, Python).

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Introduction to Testing

What is Testing? What does a Tester do?


Using no-code to create a website from a table

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I have been hearing about “no-code” solutions for a while but never had the chance to use one. The concept is interesting because programming is usually a barrier for the average person. If they are not required to code, many more people would be able to develop digital and automated solutions to their problems.


Let’s say I want to create a website with a curated list of local clubs and other infrastructures that promote a high quality of life.


Two techniques to set life goals or resolutions

In 2018 I started listing my new year resolutions. After school you’re pretty much on your own. If you don’t set yourself some goals the years will go by in a blink and your routine takes control of your life.


Tips & Tricks for Cypress

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๐Ÿ† This post was featured in Software Testing Weekly, issue 55

This is a collection of simple and recurring scenarios when writing Cypress tests. For more complex recipes, check the official doc.

  • Setup
    • Abort cypress after first failed test
    • Read a test file from fixtures
  • Assertions
    • Assert the text of a page (string or number)
    • Assert the number of elements selected
    • Assert the result of two Cypress commands
  • Actions
    • Upload a file
  • Selectors
    • Given a list, return row that contains specific text
    • Selector is flaky due to page redesigns
    • Type text into input field and press enter
    • Select element inside iframe
    • Use selector X to narrow down area, and then use selector Y to find element
  • Waits
    • Wait until a network (ie. HTTP/XHR) request resolves
    • Wait until a condition becomes true
  • Mocks
    • Force a specific response to an HTTP request