May 2022 Volunteer @IberAnime

Feb 2022 Watched a movie in an empty cinema πŸ˜…πŸ™ˆ

Feb 2022 Created a website for national cosplayers

Dec 2021 32M views & 185K downloads @Unsplash

Nov 2021 Featured on Software Testing Newsletter x6

Oct 2021 Freed myself from a lifetime of toxicity

Oct 2021 Bought a house 🏠

Apr 2021 Photographed my city with my own style

Feb 2021 Developed no-code website to showcase my city

Feb 2021 Speaker at NOVATalks

May 2020 Wrote an e-course about testing

Apr 2020 Set up a home standing desk + 100% WFH

Jan 2020 Volunteer @BuildingTheFuture

Jan 2020 Stopped buying meat (mediterranean diet πŸ‘Œ)

Dec 2019 Tears of joy playing GRIS

Dec 2019 500k photo views on GMaps

Nov 2019 Volunteer @LisbonGamesWeek

Oct 2019 Tried a colouring book

Set 2019 Tried Origami

Jul 2019 Tried Kendama

Jul 2019 Tears of joy playing Journey

Jun 2019 Speaker at BarcampLx

May 2019 Volunteer @IberAnime + Met Fabio Pereira

Apr 2019 I dyed my hair blue πŸ’™

Apr 2019 Hans Zimmer concert

Mar 2019 Published an ebook about my self-discovery journey

Feb 2019 Joe Hisaishi concert 😍😭😍

Feb 2019 Trip to Lyon (France)

Jan 2019 Cirque du Soleil: OVO

Dec 2018 Built this pyramid with 84 cards

Nov 2018 Stopped checking social networks

Nov 2018 Stopped watching TV/News

Nov 2018 Stopped using a car (πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ 🚲 🚌 = πŸ’š)

Nov 2018 Started living alone

Oct 2018 Trip to Dublin (Ireland)

Sep 2018 Met my soulmate

Sep 2018 Volunteer @ComicCon

Jul 2018 VR zombie survival

May 2018 Volunteer @Eurogamer

May 2018 Taiko concert

May 2018 Lived to see Eurovision in Portugal

Apr 2018 Speaker at BarcampLx

Apr 2018 Tasted Indian food

Nov 2017 Volunteer @IndieDome

Oct 2017 Tears of joy playing Ori

Sep 2017 Main stage volunteer @SpringItCon

Aug 2017 Covered my laptop with stickers

Jul 2017 Tried an Escape Hunt game

Jun 2017 Tears of joy playing Abzu

Jun 2017 Won best "quadra popular" at work

May 2017 Harry Potter concert

May 2017 Main stage volunteer @IberAnime

Apr 2017 Received swag+love from Trello

Mar 2017 Gave a workshop about the Internet of Things

Mar 2017 Went to my 1st (testing) conference

Mar 2017 Played an online multiplayer (FPS) game

Mar 2017 Built a (gaming) PC from scratch

Feb 2017 Watched all Hayao Miyazaki movies

Feb 2017 Deolinda concert

Jan 2017 Tasted Sushi

Jan 2017 Played Dungeons & Dragons with friends

Dec 2016 Most effort wrapping a xmas gift (Android inside)

Dec 2016 Won creativity oscar at work

Dec 2016 Developed an e-store of gaming stickers

Nov 2016 4th VGM concert: Video Games Live

Nov 2016 Tasted Vietnamese food

Nov 2016 Tasted Mexican food

Oct 2016 Trip to London (UK)

Oct 2016 3rd VGM concert: Symphonic Fantasies

Oct 2016 Met Yoko Shimomura and Rony Barrak

Sep 2016 Kindly asked GitHub for stickers... and got them

Sep 2016 Open-source project published on Maven/Sonatype

Jul 2016 LazerTag match

Jul 2016 Played on a physical Pinball machine

May 2016 2nd VGM concert: Final Symphony (Final Fantasy)

May 2016 Met Eckehard Stier, the conductor of the concert

May 2016 1st ride on a roller coaster (times 5) 😰»😱»😎

May 2016 Full day in an amusement park @ Walibi

May 2016 Trip to Amsterdam (Holland)

Apr 2016 After a life of Windows, started using a Mac at work

Apr 2016 My first payment for a photography work

Apr 2016 Photographed my first wedding & baptism

Apr 2016 Kygo concert

Mar 2016 Developed and published my first Android app

Dec 2015 Covered my company's whiteboard with drawings

Dec 2015 Tears of joy playing Rayman Legends

Nov 2015 1st VGM concert: Symphony of the Goddess (Zelda)

Nov 2015 Trip to Madrid (Spain)

Aug 2015 Trip to Porto (Portugal)

Aug 2015 First solo trip: just a backpack and a map

Aug 2015 Wrote 10 chapters of a fantasy/adventure novel

Abr 2015 Main stage volunteer @IberAnime

Apr 2015 Pentatonix concert (my first ever #TrueStory)

Nov 2014 Wrote 25.000 words for a novel @NaNoWriMo

Apr 2014 Published online the first prototype of DCID (v0.0.5)

May 2014 Ran "The Happiest 5Km On The Planet" @Color Run

Jan 2014 Started a blog named "The Geecky Gecko"

Jan 2014 Cirque du Soleil: Dralion

Aug 2013 Trip to Azores (Portugal)

Jul 2013 Master Degree on Computer Science by IST

May 2013 Presented my 1st scientific paper @Porto,Portugal

May 2013 Team leader of DCID at entrepreneurship programme

Apr 2013 Cirque du Soleil: The Immortal

Mar 2013 Invited to Google #DevFestPortugal

Feb 2013 Met Joel Sposky πŸ€“

Feb 2013 Official photographer of SINFO XX

Fev 2013 Official photographer of TEDxIST

Mai 2012 Speaker at Ignite IST

Jun 2011 Developed my first open-source project (JCDP)

Jan 2011 Created an online forum for book reviews

Dec 2010 Wrote an essay on how to solve Portugal's problems

May 2010 Wrote a book with 48 poems

May 2009 Cirque du Soleil: Varekai

Aug 2009 Top 10 photo at contest held by Cascais' city council

Aug 2008 "Excellent Student" award at high school