Why I started blogging… again


Why now?

I’m not the talkative type, so I have to spill out my ideas, thoughts, and opinions in some other way – writing. And trust me, I think way too much, a pensieve would come in handy. Writing forces me to structure my ideas and also works as an unburden activity. It’s also way to procrastinate the writing of my fantasy novel!

The idea to resume blogging came on September, right when Adam Pash from Lifehacker had the same idea. (That’s another thing, blogging is a great way to network.) I wanted to start my blog on 11/12/2013, since it was a funny date and my website was originally created on 07/08/2009. Sadly, I couldn’t have a blog at that time. But now I can ;)

When is the next post?

One post per week, every Monday. That way you have a reason not to hate Mondays. Although I’m Portuguese I’ll post in English. That way I reach a broader audience and I practice my English. Only very specific topics will in Portuguese.

About what?

I will mainly talk about technology, photography, books, and life (and sometimes games). These are my hobbies, my passions. This blog will let you know more about me. Why would I care?, you may ask. Maybe my dilemmas are yours too, and maybe you’ll stumble over the same problems I did. I’ll share my experiences so you can avoid my mistakes and leverage on my successes.

Thanks, how can I help you back?

I simply ask you to read and share my posts. In fact, you’re already helping: I partnered with a Portuguese startup and while you’re reading this you’re donating a tiny amount of your computer’s idle processing power to scientists worldwide. I help you, you help the world, and CrowdProcess helps me. It’s a win-win-win!

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