Record what you hear during a video call (macOS)

At my company we often practice remote working and most of our meetings happen online. Sometimes it’s useful to record a meeting. Maybe you don’t have enough context to take notes on the fly, at least not yet. Or maybe it’s a training session with lots of information that will be useful to review in a month’s time.

Note: This guide records “what you hear/see” but not “what you say”. It was tested for macOS.

  • Download and install Soundflower.
  • Download and install Soundflower Bed.
  • Go to System Settings, change the Sound Output device to Soundflower 2ch.
  • Open SoundflowerBed and choose the Built-in Output option for Soundflower 2ch.
  • Open QuickTime Player and click on File > New screen recording.
  • Before you start recording, click the down arrow. Select Soundflower 2ch as microphone.
  • On the window with your active call, find the Settings and change the output to Soundflower 2ch.
    • You should now see white bars moving in Quicktime whenever someone speaks (except yourself). If not, verify you completed all the steps above.
  • Click the big red record button on QuickTime Player to start recording the call.