Photography, the best hobby for a developer

Photo by Reinhart Julian on Unsplash

Or anyone, let me tell you why…

Since I was 6 that people said I had a knack for photography. Those were the days of film, when there was no live screen. Light-headed photographers had the bad habit of cutting people heads and feet on photos. But not (mini) me!

Ten years later I bought my first camera and the photography became one of my favourite hobbies. Let me tell you why you will love it too.


Everyone needs photos. That organisation hosting an event, that friend getting married, that family lunch you are attending. Once you learn this skills there will be plenty opportunities to put it to good use.

Gets you out of the chair

Most of us tend to spend a big chunk of our time seated inside. The excuse of taking photos is a great motivation to get out there, breath some fresh air, and wipe the cobwebs away.

Opportunity to meet people

While you are out there you will meet strangers, make new friends and get to know other photography enthusiasts. Welcome to the tribe 🙂

Fosters creativity

Developers usually are very logical and analytical persons. Since photography is an art, you give your other side of the brain a moment to have fun and exercise!

Trains your patience

Nowadays everything happens fast and everyone is on a hurry. This hobby forces you to slow down, to breathe before taking the shot, and waiting for the right moment. It’s like a hunter-prey game (but nobody gets hurt)!

Also your attention

And when you slow down, you become fully aware #Mindfullness. You start to notice curious events, patterns and behaviours.

Offers you unique moments

That’s why I take photos, instead of making photos. I love capturing the moment, the candid. Most of those events are unique and will never happen again (the same way).