Meet Mr. Lampost


Everyone’s every day is filled with curious events.

Winter days finish earlier. Everyday, a pitch black night waited for me to finish my work. Everyday, I walked the same route and passed by the same lamp post. Everyday, I grew a bit more curious and attentive.

You see, that lamp post wasn’t like the others in the street. The others were already lit when I passed by, except for this one. A malfunction. Someone should tell someone else to send somebody to fix that.

As soon as I walked alongside that lamp post it turned on. Thanks, I guess — the alley was a bit dark anyway. And after a few steps it turned off. Like it was before my presence. Now that was a curious coincidence. Until it started happening every single day.

My scientific me accepted this mysterious erratic behavior as a challenge. There ought to be a pattern to this random malfunction! Night after night I started unveiling a behavior… and it had nothing of random.


When the lamp post was already on then, it would turn off. Either way when I walked away it always returned to how it was before my presence. Therefore it reacts to the presence of a person.

But then one day someone else a few meters in front of me passed right by the lamp post. Suspiciously, it didn’t react, however when I walked that same path a few seconds after, it did react. Therefore it reacts only to me.

Another day I took a shortcut a few meters away from the lamp post. To my surprise, regardless of the distance, the lamp post turned on and off, signaling my passage! At this point things were starting to get a little bit freaky.

This peculiar behavior made me want to record it, and so I did. As if the lamp post knew I was filming it it, it didn’t do its “thing” for a while. Only after I had given up and looked back one last time it turned on. It was making fun of me!


There are two possible conclusions:

  1. The lamp post is hacked and someone in the near buildings has a button to turn it on and off on-demand and knows my work schedule.
  2. The lamp post is possessed by a playful spirit that enjoys communicating in morse code with me… or maybe that’s binary code!

From the two, the “hauted-lamp-post-hypotheses” is the more plausible. I greet him every night and he greets me back. And I’m cool with that.