Counter offers

Photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash

And why I think they’re unfair for everyone

What is a counter offer? It’s when you interview with another company, receive an offer, and then you go back to your current company and state “Look, this other company values me more than you currently do. Will you improve my package in order to keep me or should I leave?”

I know many people do this. In some situations it might actually be the only way to snatch a raise or promotion. But for me, I can’t do it. I find it…

Unfair for my company, because I think it is blackmailing

Unfair to my colleagues, because I’ll earn more just because I negotiated

Unfair to me, because I was earning less than I should all this time

Unfair to the other company, because they were used by me

It happened to me once, and the company said “let us fight for you, give us a chance to convince you to stay”. The urderlying love they had for me felt great, I won’t lie ❤️

I told them I didn’t want a counter offer. My decision was already made and I believed counter offers to be unfair. And now you know why.