Software Tester 路 Blogger 路 Mentor 路 Photographer



Diogo Nunes is a Software Tester from Portugal. His passion is using technology to improve people's lives. In his spare time, he is a blogger, a writer, a photographer, and a mentor to school graduates.


He started out as a software developer and then became a self-taught tester. Diogo is very organised and methodical, with a keen eye for usability and another for detail. His empathy and positivity makes him a team asset.

He collaborates with clients and developers to ensure the team delivers the right thing, built the right way. Past responsibilities range from those more business oriented (requirements, delivery, exploratory testing) to more technical ones (CI pipeline, automation in testing).

Perpetually curious, Diogo has many interests and side projects. He regularly publishes code tutorials and tool reviews via his blog at www.diogonunes.com/blog. On another website he encourages high school graduates to pursue Computer Science (and passes on guidance once they are undergraduates). Finally, there's photography.